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Listen to our lessons for K4 here

Kehkimin lintuwakonol K4

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Kehkimin science book serie

Curriculum book for K4

The development of this document would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Kehkimin curriculum team: Roseanne Clark, Ron Tremblay, Judy Perley, Louis-Xavier Aubin-Berube, Lisa Perley-Dutcher, Chkwabun Sappier, and Robert Leavitt.


Special thanks (Kci-Woliwon) to Elder Maggie Paul (video), Henerietta Black (language advisor), Jeremy Dutcher (transcription of video), Tessa Leingartner (artist drawings), Stephen Dutcher (editor, photographer & videographer), Justine Tremblay (translation), Lisa-Maude Aubin-Berube (games), Brandon Mitchell (graphic and layout design), Johanne Aubin & Julien Aubin-Malo (graphic design logo), and Emile Tremblay (video editing).


Thanks as well to our partners who supported the idea of this project and created space and letters of support when needed: Hayes Farm, New Brunswick Community Harvest Gardens, Partners for Youth, Indigenous Women of the Wabanaki Territory, Wolastoq Grand Council, Tobique First Nation, Cecilia Brooks (Wabanaki Tree Spirit, and Cedar Brook Early Learning Centre.


The Environmental Trust Fund (ETF) has funded this project and it is with great gratitude that we acknowledge their support and a special thank you to Lévis Thériault the ETF program manager.

Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work
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